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According to Wikipedia: "Sustainable seafood is seafood that is either caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans, as well as the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities."

D&E Import believes that we need to make a concerted effort by participating in programs to ensure that we do not deplete the world’s oceans. One of our core items that we sell, both fresh and frozen, is Mahi-Mahi. D&E Import is currently a participant in several WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund)

The FIPs works to make changes through policy both in the private and government sectors. They support the transition of fisheries with a step by step approach to attain sustainable practices ensuring the long term viability of the fishery by improving the environmental performance, as well as protecting the livelihood of the fishermen.

Mahi-mahi is Ecuador’s largest and most socio-economically important artisanal fishery, with the majority of the catch exported to the U.S. Mahi-mahi is a highly migratory species and presents a critical challenge for sustainability of the fishery, as the development of international management measures is required across many countries in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Additionally, other issues include turtle by-catch and limited scientific observers to monitor the long line fleet. The Ecuadorian Vice Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries and Sub-Secretary of Fishery Resources are actively involved as FIP stakeholders and along with FIP participants drives improvements to meet the Marine Stewardship Council standards.

D&E Import is also proud to be working with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership as a participant in the Global Fresh and Frozen Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna Supply Chain Roundtable (SR). This roundtable has an emphasis on high-quality, line-caught yellowfin and bigeye tuna that enters the market as fresh or frozen product.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is a young and dynamic, business-focused NGO that is reshaping the world of corporate responsibility through the creation of powerful information tools and a methodology that allows companies to directly engage with suppliers of natural resources. It does not campaign or provide eco-labels, but works to reduce the barriers to action by industry in creating a more sustainable world. SFP operates through two main principles: information and improvement.

Here at D&E Import, we understand that you always have a choice as to where to purchase your seafood. We value each and every customer and welcome the opportunity to service you on a regular basis.

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